Tuesday, September 8, 2009


as there is curiosity , there is knowledge as there is belief , there are events that confirm to these belief or contradict themas there is interaction , there is sharing of common belief of the most common interaction and curiosity there is curiosity about life "life" is whatever perspective you have and as curious belief grows it create an avalanche of experience , some chain of thoughts , some actualization over misplaced identity of struggle and chaos , disorderedness , unpleasant surprises , unexpected corners of concepts , disagreements and commitments ,mental projection about spoken and stored beliefs , furthering the memories on path of life , growth of age body deteriorate , minds activeness and agility impairs , mixed blessings and certain returns to religious zeal to experience godliness , economic necessities , strong passionate struggle towards claims of right beliefs , search for answers , companionship avoids deep search , solitude delays reason and future ties hope with a gift of reason combined together with dialogues honored by strange lattices of implications on unintentional passive soul-searching

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